#320 - Beak>, Les Filles de Illighadad, Tasos Stamou, Silver Stairs Of Ketchikan, Sneaky Jesus, People Like Us - 5 April 2021


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Hypnosis and electroacoustic heavy on this show, as we explore found and adapted sounds from Greece, Italy, and the US, and well as taking on Tuareg/folk chanting from Niger, the latest from the ever-excellent Beak>, heavy psycadelics from Canada and more.⁠


Beak> - Oh Know (NRML Festival, Mexico)

Sneaky Jesus - Battledance (Shapes of Rhythm, UK)

Marie Guilleray - Inventaire (Commando Vanessa, Italy)

Les Filles de Illighadad - Surbajo (Sahel Sounds, USA)

Tunnel Speeches - Roadside Tour Guide (Specious Arts, USA)

Tasos Stamou - Taki’s Sorrow (Ikuisuus, Finland)

Editrix - Bad Breath (Exploding in Sound, USA)

People Like Us - Sing (Discrepant, UK)

Silver Stairs Of Ketchikan - Old God’s Tongue (Invada, UK)

ROY - Where Did My Mind Go? (Idee Fixe, Canada)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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