#325 - DJ Format, Lustmord & Karin Park, Bukkha, Library Tapes, Kinlaw & Franco Franco, Hildegard - 17 May 2021


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After our week off we’re back with some some absolute crackers. We’re going heavy on bass with Malaysian trap, Spanish dubs and the latest cracker from Avon Terror Corps. We’ve also got insect field recordings, stunning piano from Library Tapes, metal from Somerset and a load more.

DJ Format – Time To Listen (Project Blue Book, UK)
Kinlaw & Franco Franco – CGI World (Avon Terror Corps, UK)
Stereotyp – KEK (ft. Arabyrd) (Seagrave, UK)
Library Tapes – Branches (1631 Recordings, Sweden)
Bukkha – Inner Dub (Infernal Sounds, UK)
Prehistoric Brutalism – Casualty (self-release, UK)
Hildegard – Jour 3 (Section1, UK)
Lara Jones – Sejoin (self-release, UK)
Alleged Witches – The Benefits of the Fake Commute (Natural Sciences, UK)
Lustmord & Karin Park – Hiraeth (Pelagic Records, Germany)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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