#328 - Wilted Woman, Manuka Honey, Romperayo, NET GALA, Joe Snow, Danny T & Tradesman - 7 June 2021


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Dark and heavy noise pervasive throughout this hour of music. The introducing track from Multiform Palace is scratchy experimental hip-hop with tinges of South America. We build on that with rooster-sampling cumbia from Romperayo and dark latin rhythms from Manuka Honey, and we touch on Yorkshire dubstep, Korean techno, krautrock from Raime and Valentina Magaletti's Moin project, the latest from the Nurse With Wound list and loads more.

Multiform Palace - Tompkins 88 (Specious Arts, USA)
NET GALA - Shpiral (SVBKVLT, China)
Wilted Woman - Tin Dip Drop (Antibody Label, Belgium)
Joe Snow, Danny T & Tradesman - Scallywags & Sound Systems (Uncomfortable Beats, Australia)
Moin - Right is Alright, Wrong is to Belong (AD 93, UK)
Romperayo - El Gallo impávido (self-release, Colombia)
The New Runes - One Meilleure Personne (self-release, USA)
Manuka Honey - Pestañas (N.A.A.F.I., Mexico)
Miedo Total - Undead Asylum (self-release, UK)
Association P.C. - Scorpion (Finders Keepers Records, UK)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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