#346 – Blawan, The Oscillation, Raja Kirik, Seekersinternational & Roger Robinson, Hawthonn, Fine Place - 8 November 2021


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We keep reading about the new Blawan release “shedding the ‘techno’ box he has so often been put in” but his new, exceptional record on XL shows us a consistently innovative artist continuing a journey we’ve enjoyed since ‘Getting Me Down’ back in 2011. It’s a must-listen and a probably must-buy for those who like your electronics a little off-kilter.

But that’s a common reason for listening to this pod, as is the consistently extraordinary dark music from across the genres. This week we have the latest in a rapid-fire release schedule of dark ambient music being put out by Leeds’ Hawthonn, we have tasty experimental metal from EXSUL, a remarkable traditional dance/distinctly non-traditional record from Indonesian duo Raja Kirik to fall in love with.

The best psych rock of the year (as far as we’ve heard) from The Oscillation, jungle-cum-ragga from Seekersinternational, synth pop from The Organizing Committee, and an afro-caribbean-fused club banger from newcomer Obeka are just some of the delights to get stuck into this week.

The Organizing Committee – The Day Computers Became Obsolete (No Type, Canada)
Blawan – Under Belly (XL Recordings, UK)
Hawthonn – Cat’s Cradle (Ba Da Bing Records, USA)
Raja Kirik – Tarian Maut Dari Gunung (Nyege Nyege Tapes, Uganda)
Fine Place – It’s Your House (Night School, UK)
Obeka – Duppy Drum (Basy Tropikalne, Poland)
EXSUL – How in the Land of Satin We Saw Hearsay, Who Kept a School of Vouching (Caligari Records, USA)
Ostrowski – Moro (Brutality Garden, Poland)
The Oscillation – Forever Knowing (All Time Low, UK)
Seekersinternational – Kill-a-Milli (feat. Papa Roger Robinson) (Diskotopia, Japan)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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