David Finberg of Peaks Digital Marketing Gives the SEO Tips for Doctors and Medical Offices


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In this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Ian sits down with David Finberg, the CEO and founder of Peaks Digital Marketing- a full-service SEO and lead generation firm based in Colorado. Together, they discuss all the current, easy tips and tricks in SEO for medical professionals, lawyers, and other competitive businesses.

After working at several startups, David decided to fully move into the digital marketing industry. With his expertise, he has generated millions of dollars in revenue for clients and has ranked thousands of first page search terms on Google.

In this episode, David and Ian discuss the newest opportunities in SEO and the content you should focus on creating to increase your rankings and traffic. He also delves into the importance of putting video on a website and the successful results he has had.

What You'll Learn

· Current opportunities and trend in SEO due to the large shift to digital business

· The specific algorithms in medical SEO and how to understand them

· How to properly link out to authoritative content

· The profound impact of video on websites

· The best video players to use on a website

· The best metrics for investing in SEO

· Why businesspeople should understand basic SEO

· Easy content currently working that is increasing rankings, traffic, and authority

· The seven core areas of a website

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