GMS 130 - How One Real Estate Investor Used “Ugly” Marketing and Earned Over $35,000 in 10 weeks with Josh Cantwell, CEO of Strategic Real Estate Coach


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On this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, we’re flipping over to the real estate industry with Josh Cantwell, strategic real estate coach & CEO of Freeland Ventures Private Equity and Direct Real Estate Lending. Josh started as a real estate investor when he was in his 20’s. He was making money but the investing industry wasn’t his cup of tea. He didn’t like the unpredictability and started flipping houses. He outsourced housing budgets and brought in his own team of real estate investors. Shortly after his change in career path, Josh joined a coaching program for real estate courses and within 10 weeks he flipped 18 properties and earned OVER $35,000. If you think that’s impressive learn how Josh was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer while flipping two houses and STILL made $80,000 in his terminal state on this week’s episode!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Josh made $400k at his first seminar
  • The two keys to selling
  • Why “The Ugly” is the best marketing technique
  • How Josh launched and sold 2 properties at $80K using the flip system
  • The Flip System
  • How he survived cancer and maintained his business
  • How to raise capital for a business
  • How Josh’s email marketing campaign raised $4 million

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