GMS 133 - The One Place You're Not Marketing and Why Boring Contracts are Hurting Your Close Rate by 30% with PandaDoc CEO, Mikita Mikado


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Say hello to PandaDoc. On this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, our guest star is Mikita Mikado the CEO and Co-Founder of PandaDoc. PandaDoc is the future of documents, Mikita’s SaaS company is an all-in-one software to create, deliver, and eSign your team’s quotes, proposals, contracts, and other sales collateral.

Documents are plain, white, and boring. Does anyone (except contract attorneys) actually enjoy reading a contract document? Instead of snuggling up with Dickens or Austen, get cozy with your next contract! Even with our iPhone, does anyone really read the terms and conditions? Our guess is no. However, when it comes to business contracts, you don’t have a choice. When you’re closing a deal at the end of the sales journey, you have to force yourself to read every nook and cranny of the document. Without attention to detail, you might be signing into a bad deal and lead to bad business. Tune in for Mikita as he shares why super cool contracts can increase your bottom line by 30% and increase your closing rate by 18% on this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to transform your contract into selling tool
  • Darwin’s Process of Sales
  • How to increase your closing rate 18%
  • How to increase your bottom line by 30%
  • The video that increased closing rates
  • How they use video Case Studies
  • Super ninja selling tactics

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