How to Get First Page Google Rankings As a Personal Injury Attorney with's Chris Dreyer


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In this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Chris Dreyer of joins us to talk about why great Search Engine Optimization is crucial to build a brand, influence reputation, and to rank first in Google search results. is a specialized company that only provides SEO services to elite personal injury attorneys, resulting in an unapologetic online presence and first page Google rankings. Chris Dreyer is the mastermind behind and an expert SEO strategist who has specialized in search engine optimization for lawyers specifically for the majority of his career. Given that the term personal injury attorney is among the most difficult terms to rank for, and is what does every day, Chris can teach you something about SEO regardless of your industry.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why SEO offers the best ROI in marketing.
  • How SEO creates a virtual asset and reserves digital real estate on search results pages.
  • Techniques to increase the efficacy of your search engine optimization efforts.
  • How to keep your content relevant.
  • Details about how Chris produced first-page search results for his client not just locally, but nationally.

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