How to Increase E-Commerce Revenue 40% Using Email Marketing


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In this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Ian sits down with Daniel Budai, the CEO and Founder of Budai Media. Together, they discuss the importance of email marketing for e-commerce businesses and the common mistakes that should be avoided.

After he was unable to find work as a geologist, Daniel decided to pursue his passion for writing. He began by writing ads on Upwork as a freelance writer. Eventually, he realized he wanted to use more strategy which is how he began creating strategies for email marketing.

In this episode, Daniel and Ian discuss using video in email campaigns, the best way to send an email, and how to figure out who to send them to. Daniel also talks about his email trick that can make you 10,000 Youtube subscribers in a week.

What You'll Learn:

  • The biggest mistakes made in email marketing
  • Key ways to segment email lists
  • How to figure out what emails to send
  • How to use video in email campaigns
  • The difference between copywriting and being a great writer
  • The elements of a great subject line for e-commerce email
  • How to make 10,000 subscribers in a week

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