The Tik Tok Strategy That Made 60K Followers in 6 Months with Sue Zimmerman


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In this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Ian sits down with business consultant and Tik Tok expert Sue Zimmerman to learn the cutting-edge techniques that got her 60K Tik Tok followers in only 6 months.

For twenty-four years, Sue worked in radio in Vancouver. After her time on radio, she focused more on helping others as a business consultant. For the past seven years, Sue has been very busy helping other people build and grow their businesses using video and social media.

When she first heard about Tik Tok, Sue was not positive that the social media platform was actually going to be helpful for business due to the large population of teen-targeted content. Despite this, she decided to have fun experimenting with it and she quickly learned about the large number of viewers on Tik Tok who are 30 and above. Within six months, Sue has managed to build a large following and make herself the expert by teaching Tik Tok to other adults.

In this episode, Sue and Ian explore the business opportunities that Tik Tok can offer. She also teaches the tips, tricks, and winning formula that she has taught to her own students, resulting in a video garnering over a million views.

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What You'll Learn:

  • The cutting edge techniques that got Sue 60K Tik Tok followers in only 6 months
  • Sue’s winning Tik Tok formula
  • Sue’s method for using Tik Tok to push her following onto other channels and platforms, such as her ‘Tik Tok for Business’ Facebook Group
  • How you can really build and grow your business using Tik Tok
  • The secrets behind Tik Tok’s For You page
  • Sue’s content strategy
  • Sue demonstrates how to do a video reply to a question

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