Want to lower your ad budget? Here’s How One Strategist Turned a Budget of $1,500 in to $40,000 in Gained Revenue with April Iannazzone


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This week on the Garlic Marketing Show, we have another leading lady in the marketing field, April Iannazzone, Founder and President of Growth & Profitability. April generates high quality leads for medical spa companies, but her expertise can be applied to any business. Growth & Profitability specializes in holding the hands of potential prospects (or before they’re even a prospect) by walking them along the path to becoming a customer and finding a unique marketing angle.

Along the path, Growth & Profitability will continuously nudge them with different ads or marketing techniques to get prospects to take the action Growth & Profitability wants. Other companies may do high promotions at the front or back end of the marketing funnel, but they are losing the customers along the way. Tune in for this week’s leading lady, April Iannazzone and learn how she spent $1,500 in ad spend that turned into $40,000 in revenue!

Key Points:

  • The ONE Marketing Technique You Can Add Into Your Sales Funnel Right Now
  • How to Determine Your Marketing Budget
  • Why Contests and Quizzes Generate Pre-Qualified Leads
  • Lifetime Value of the Client vs. Your First Sale: Which Has More Value?
  • How to Create Selfie Videos Your Prospects Will Love

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