Episode 60 - Best Music of 1997


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The boys discuss the 12 best songs of 1997 in all genres! Let’s all remember the 90’s !!!!! Joined by co-hosts Jeff Stewart and artist/producer/actor - Stephen Petree!!!

Find out:

  • Why Stephen’s band, PC Quest, had a feud with Hanson - Find out why some wounds never heal…
  • What artist turned down a role in one of the biggest movie of all time?
  • What started the east coast / west coast hip hop war …
  • Who chipped his tooth when wrecking a hotel room - (Note: He doesn’t smile in the video he shot right after)
  • What huge song in the 90’s did the singer hate when he first heard it…
  • What movie character became the name of a popular 90’s band?
  • What female singer was a soap opera actress after being discovered by Simon Cowell.

In our studio:

  • Jeff has an interesting poster on his ceiling, holds up a sign and takes some heat over one of his selections.
  • Stephen takes a stand and prophecies about songwriting and the return of rock.
  • Rob does a Thom Yorke impression and issues a warning on stolen LPs

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