The Open-Closed Principle and Lots of Magic


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An conversation with Lincoln Baxter III (@lincolnthree) about:
the broken Apple Mac Plus, accidental computer repair, Crystal Quest, Spectre, playing MechWarrior, programming logo at school, ACS logo, counting to a million with a shell script, writing a Galaga clone for a TI-92 writing a multiplexing socket chat server in C++ at high school, Bjarne Stroustrup's C++ book, the year 2000 crisis, University of Pennsylvania, writing business applications in Java for vanguard, "shared nothing architecture", project leads had to enjoy xml, Vienna is in Austria :-), the open closed principle, encapsulating the complexity, never write abstractions first, design patterns, writing project management software with Java Server Faces, J2EE / Java EE, SocialPM, the maven project generator: JBoss Forge, routing in Java with Java Server Faces (JSF) PrettyFaces, joining the Java Server Faces expert group, seam framework, code generation covers up a bad design, jboss forge is also an interpreter, starting prettytime as a side project, focussing on the game Magic the Gathering, starting a new startup:, working on windup - the application server migration project, building backend with NodeJS, building a hybrid app for iOS and android, using web components, lit-html without any indirections, GWT is a Java to JavaScript compiler, Apps With MicroProfile online workshop, Isomorphic JavaScript, Quarkus vs. NodeJS, Quarkus relies on familiar MicroProfile and Java EE APIs, Quarkus application is smaller than empty Apache Tomcat, Magic The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast, the MTG rules, discount codes:

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