Episode 035: Robyn Citizen, Programmer & Academic


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This week I interview Robyn Citizen, who besides having a very cool name, is a film curator, scholar, educator and a Toronto-based Texan. Her eclectic film background includes working as a Publicist Assistant in the Repertory office of New York City’s Film Forum and guest lecturing on zombie cinema and the geopolitics of East Asian anthology horror films.

In 2018, Citizen joined the Toronto International Film Festival as a programming associate where she programs for the short cuts section and later that year she was named as a programmer for the Human Rights Film Festival.

We talk about the power of short film and getting them seen by audiences, getting a PhD, her experience of being a black woman in the academic sphere and the importance of the deep take.

Robyn was a joy to interview and I’m excited for you to hear it.

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