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On this episode of Silicon Valley Insider, Keith Koo's guest is world-renowned industrial designer Scott Henderson of Scott Henderson, Inc. Scott shares his story of how he developed his passion for design and how he gets his inspiration for his designs by being in a state of "flow".

Scott discuss what it means to be in a "flow" state and how that has lead to his designs being elegant yet simple and how beautiful designs exist throughout the universe. Scott and Keith also ponder the question of whether technology like A.I. (artificial intelligence) will augment or replace designers and what the future of technology looks like in the design field.

About Scott Henderson:

Scott's track record as a designer includes over 90% of his design projects have been mass-produced, an accomplishment that few others can claim. Scott is also recognized as being named Chairman of the Industrial Designers Society of America International Design Conference and as a regular columnist for INNOVATION Magazine. Scott is also a featured presenter and judge on the CBS prime-time national television series, America By Design, with a viewership of over 7 million people.

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