[054] How to Get More Product Sales Using an Affiliate Program with Kelly Morrison


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Are you interested in expanding your reach, tapping into new audiences and making more sales? On this episode of the Rebel Boss Ladies Podcast we're diving into how to use affiliate programs, strategy, implementation, technology to sell your digital products.

Joining us today is Kelly Morrison, the founder of CreateYourAffiliateProgram.com where she shows digital product and course creators how to leverage the power of affiliates to create a profitable affiliate program that helps them make more income and more impact.

I’m personally a huge fan of affiliates because they're truly one of the sole reasons why my business has grown as rapidly as it has. Affiliates are a huge part of what has made the Rebel Boss Summit successful over the past two years. It's a truly remarkable and an incredible strategy that you can implement in your favor. So this episode should be a real treat!

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