A Problem Solver's Approach to the Climate Crisis: Shaandiin Cedar


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Shaandiin Cedar is on the solution side of fighting the climate crisis and invites you to join in, too. A problem-solver by nature, Shaandiin is taking both a bottom-up and a top-down approach to activating climate solutions through her grassroots and corporate sustainability efforts. As an Indigenous woman and the daughter of activists, Shaandin’s commitment to justice for people and the environment is woven into her being.

In this episode, we learn that all the technology exists today to help stop the negative effects of climate change - and part of Shaandiin Cedar's work as an associate at Powerhouse Ventures is helping cleantech companies access capital to harness that technology and help solve the climate crisis. We also learn about all that Shaandiin is doing on a grassroots level to advocate for social and environmental justice - and all that you can do to take action if you have the means to do so.

Featured in this episode: Shaandiin Cedar @shaaandiiin

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