Traversing Seasons - Matrescence, Part 2


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In our first episode on matrescence, we talked about continuing to carry a love for nature and time outside into pregnancy as we prepare for the major life change of becoming a parent. This episode continues into the next phase in the process, when the much-anticipated birth is over, and we step into this new role and all that it entails, indoors and out.

From the tender early days of the fourth trimester, to integrating the outdoors into your little one’s lives as they grow, the postpartum phase of matrescence is a complex period of healing, care-giving, bonding, learning and un-learning. It’s a time that can simultaneously hold grief and ambivalence, and profound joy — all in the same hand.

In this episode, we’ll hear from Rukmini Halliwell and Rachel Barrett again, speaking about the early days with their children Zen and Lola, who are now 21 months and 9 months old, respectively. And we’ll also be joined by Jessie Harrold, a coach and a doula who supports women through various rites of passage, including that of matresence.

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Featured in this episode: Rukmini Halliwell, Rachel Barrett, & Jessie Harrold

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