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For far too long, we were told that Man was the hunter and Woman the gatherer. Are we surprised to have witnessed a “hunting industry” that for decades has only catered to the interests of men? Recent studies actually contradict the beliefs that prehistoric women weren’t hunters and in this episode, residency host Gabaccia Moreno is our guide through the stories and reflections of women who have found a role for hunting in their lives, only about 10,000 years after our predecessors did.

To help paint a picture of hunting that reflects a spectrum of perspectives, Gabaccia talked with women from different generations, locations, ethnicities, levels of experience, and choices of weapon. By no means is every woman hunter here represented, but the few that are, have shared valuable lessons that anyone can learn from.

This is the fifth of six episodes hosted by Gabaccia Moreno this year as part of our She Explores host residency program.

Featured in this episode: Tracy Ross (she/her), Kamilia Elsisie (she/her), Jess Johnson (she/her), Gabi Peña (she/they), Miriam Garcia-Jorns (she/her), and Lydia Parker (she/her); Voice submission from Gabi’s father, Angel Peña.

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