WorldPride: Revisiting Our Conversation with Elyse Rylander


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In honor of WorldPride, we're revisiting our 2018 conversation with Elyse Rylander. Elyse is the founder and executive director of OUT There Adventures, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering queer young people through their connection with the natural world. Elyse believes nature is a disruptive force for queer youth and hopes to positively foster their identities and love of the outdoors.

She's doing so through her nonprofit, OUT There Adventures. By partnering with existing organizations like Outward Bound and Northwest Youth Corps, she's reaching more queer kids and multiplying the potential impact of OUT There's mission. It takes time, energy, and capital to build a nonprofit. Elyse shares the challenges and rewards of the last five years of work and her vision for years to come.

Elyse is also a Co-Creator of the LGBTQ Outdoor Summit and is using this opportunity to announce that there are now dates for the 4th summit! Mark your calendar for April 1 - 4, 2022 at the National Conservation Training Center in West Virginia.

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Featuring: Elyse Rylander, Founder and Executive Director of OUT There Adventures; Co-creator of the LGBTQ Outdoor Summit

Hosted & Produced by Gale Straub

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