Coach Michael Ungár on Getting Your Mind Right, Strength and Conditioning, Squat PRs, and Protein


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Hey monkiis,

I'm very excited to welcome Coach Michael Ungár (@ungarnation). Coach Ungar was my strength and conditioning Coach when I was at Georgetown from 2007-2009 and I'll never forget the first meeting him. He walks into the room and you could immediately feel his enthusiasm, energy, and excitement for strength & conditioning. He could not wait to get in the weight room and get after it and I was super stoked to have this Wildman around for my senior season. He also has a genuine concern and love for his athletes which was crystal clear during my time training with him.

Coach Ungár played football at the University of Texas, Austin. He made the team as a walk-on so I have to give a shoutout to the walk-on mindset. He has also coached at some of the top collegiate programs across the country including Harvard University, Georgetown University, LSU, and Auburn. Coach Ungar now trains in the private sector in the Washington DC area and continues to crush big weight (he hit a squat lifetime PR the day before recording this episode). He has a Masters in Exercise Science and is a life-long student of all things related to fitness, training, and health. It was awesome getting to chat and I hope we can do it again soon!

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