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Jane Arraf (@janearraf) didn’t go seeking war, war came to her. She first moved to Iraq in 1997 under Saddam Hussein and was kicked out twice before returning when the U.S. invaded. She also bore witness to the carnage in Mosul in the wake of ISIS. Her reporting on conflict stands out for its humanity, vibrancy and - when possible - hope. She is now the Baghdad bureau chief of The New York Times.

Countries featured: Canada, Haiti, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt

Publications featured: NPR, CNN, Reuters, New York Times

Jane discusses growing up in Canada and starting in local TV (4:51), reporting in Montreal, Haiti, the Middle East and elsewhere for Reuters (11:56), opening the CNN bureau in Baghdad and getting kicked out a couple times under Saddam (22:08), covering the Iraq war (31:22), how the nature of conflicts (such as the war with ISIS) has changed and made it more dangerous for journalists (40:14), her story about how young people began rebuilding Mosul post-ISIS without government help (51:27) and the lightning round (58:24).

Here are links to some of the things we talked about:

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Her CNN story that got her expelled from Iraq - http://cnn.it/3bP1hES

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Iraq Oil Report - https://bit.ly/3dTEOcM

AFP story Baghdad: Forever on the Brink - https://bit.ly/2NEFFTY

Jane’s story on the Prophet Joshua’s tomb in Baghdad - http://nyti.ms/3kwuJ6U

Martha Gellhorn wiki - http://bit.ly/3cnZGVT

It’s a Beautiful day in the Neighborhood on IMDb - http://imdb.to/3r1aXTt

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