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After public health got too depressing and following gorillas through the jungle proved monotonous, Laurel Chor (@laurelchor) turned to journalism. She quickly made a name for herself covering at civil unrest in Hong Kong, also doing a couple years' stretch working for the Vice News Tonight television show on HBO. She discusses her circuitous path in the industry that has taken her around the world and how after working in every medium she is increasingly focusing on photojournalism.

Laurel talks about hanging with the apes (8:24), getting her start at offbeat publication Coconuts in Hong Kong covering protests (16:26), landing her gig with Vice's HBO show (21:28), striking out as a freelancer and her thoughts on photojournalism (31:22), going into a New Zealand volcano only for the story not to pan out (39:13), producing a full-episode documentary for Vice on Chinese migrant workers, (43:12) and takes on the lightning round (49:23).

Here are links to some of the things we talked about:

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