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A very special election episode! Libby Nelson (@libbyanelson) talks to us about how she is approaching U.S. presidential election coverage as Senior Deputy Policy Editor at Vox. As you may well have guessed, covering this election has turned out to be very different than we could have predicted. Libby also talks about how she came to work for journalism startups, becoming one of Vox’s first few employees when the website was still just an idea.

Countries featured: USA

Publications featured: The New York Times, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, The Scranton Times-Tribune, Politico, Vox, The Daily Northwestern

Libby discusses being raised by two newspaper journalists in Kansas (5:05), burning out at Northwestern University's daily newspaper (11:52), interning at NYT at the depth of the financial crisis (21:53), transitioning from newspapers to the trades to startups (25:39), joining Vox when it was just an idea (39:12), become an editor (46:01), election coverage (48:17), the killer profile encapsulating Obama's education policy that never happened (57:42), her story about a conservative faction taking over a religious college in Georgia (1:04:19), working with reporters on a global story about healthcare (1:08:51) and finally the lightning round (1:14:24)

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