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A love story between Cuban spies. Jungle warfare in Central America. A military coup in Chile. A roller coaster relationship with Fidel Castro. Lucia Newman, Latin America Editor and a Senior Correspondent in Chile for Al Jazeera English, has seen and reported on it all over several decades covering the region, dodging more than a few bullets along the way.

Countries featured: Nicaragua, El Salvador, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Panama, Mexico, USA, Australia, Haiti

Publications featured: CNN, Al Jazeera

Lucia discusses how she covers all of Latin America during the pandemic (3:02), her childhood with a Chilean diplomat mother and American journalist father who made it all look so glamorous (9:55), moving back to Chile for college just as a military coup kicks off and forces her to hide out (12:43), a stint in Australia (19:08), working for CNN and others covering war in Central America (21:48), nine - often tense - years living in Cuba (37:34) revealing Cuban spies in the U.S. that earned her a portrayal in a Netflix movie (42:53), covering tragedy in Haiti (1:02:50), uncovering housing corruption in Cuba (1:06:02) and the lightning round (1:10:52).

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