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"If you think it’s just fun, you’ve never interviewed Mick Jagger because that motherfucker will rip you into shreds." Freelance journalist Paul Schrodt (@paulschrodt) takes the podcast to a very different place, telling us what it’s like to report on the business of entertainment. He also got into digital journalism at a time when it was still the wild west but just starting to overtake print journalism, providing a window into that fascinating time.

Note: This is a special extended episode in light of coronavirus.

We talk about his transformation from "spacey kid" to journalist (5:25), our experience together in college when they were trying to teach "new media" (18:40), getting his start at when the online team had like 3 people (32:45), his turn at the pressure boiler startup Business Insider (40:00), striking out as a freelancer (50:13), deep thoughts on entertainment journalism (57:19), his story tracking down why movies you love might be nowhere on streaming (1:02:31), and we finish with the lightning round (1:15:43).

Here are links to some of the things we talked about:

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