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Terrence Edwards (@TerryReports) has gone deep on Mongolia. Moving there with the Peace Corps, he’s been in the country for more than a decade, braving 30 below temperatures in a yurt (ger) and runaway horses. He is Bloomberg’s point man for coordinating with Bloomberg TV Mongolia, a local affiliate in Mongolian languages, and does work for Bloomberg across all formats from serious text reporting on mines and politics to hilarious viral videos.

He talks about growing up in Long Island (9:52), making his own DIY journalism major and pursuing internships (14:34), his time in the Peace Corps showering only once ever two weeks (19:41), getting his foot in the door with journalism jobs in Ulaanbaatar (34:45), being Bloomberg’s jack of all trades (42:52), coordinating across the region on a story about coronavirus (47:41), and finally the Lightning Round (51:56).

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