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Federico Cismondi, co-founder of Sal’s portfolio company doDoc, is back on the podcast to talk about the company’s acquisition and the lessons he learned from the initial raise to the exit. A charming and instructive conversation with a thoughtful founder.

  • Why Getting the Best Patent Advice is Indispensable
  • Sal Daher Introduces Federico Cismondi, Co-Founder of doDoc Which Was Recently Acquired
  • The Problem that doDoc Solves
  • “This is the platform for those people who need workarounds because Google Docs just doesn't cut it for them, or Microsoft Word…”
  • Federico, as CEO, Learned He Needed to Delegate More
  • doDocs Pivot from Academic Clients to Pharmaceutical Clients
  • doDoc’s Near-Death Experience and What Federico Learned from It
  • doDoc Was Initially Built with Unsuitable Technology - Making a Dog Meow
  • Entrepreneurship in Portugal - What Argentina and Portugal Have in Common
  • How the Exit Came About
  • “...we try to create settings for people to share their ideas, to present them and to run with them. Sometimes they don't even need the validation from a supervisor...in order to run with that idea…”
  • Federico Cismondi Spoke with 1000 people to Get 24 Investors for doDoc
  • Spending More Time with His Co-Founder Than with His Wife
  • Federico Cismondi’s Parting Advice to Founders

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