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Greg Raiz founded app-building colossus Raizlabs and sold it in 2017. He’s now the head of Techstars Boston and has big ideas in mind. Be you founder or angel, listen to this luminous interview for practical advice and inspiration on building startups.


  • Sal Daher Introduces Greg Raiz, Founder of Raizlabs, the App-building Colossus and Head of Techstars Boston
  • Founding Story of Raizlabs
  • “As soon as engineering starts to implement, they learn things, they discover things through the process of implementation that impact the design.”
  • Steve Job’s Launch of the iPhone Galvanized Greg Raiz to Build Apps for the New Device
  • RunKeeper Put Raizlabs on the Map, Then Came Rue La La
  • The importance of Focus on Building a Brand
  • “I think a lot of early-stage founders, they tried to boil the ocean.”
  • “Amazon's master plan may have been to dominate e-commerce but in their first several years of Amazon's history, the only thing they did was sell books.”
  • “Founders really need to think about the long-term growth and trajectory of their business and what elements are okay to outsource.”
  • Raizlabs Was Sold in 2017, This Intensified Greg’s Angel Investing – Why Raizlabs Ran an Accelerator
  • Fintech Startup Own Up Grew Out of Raizlabs’ Accelerator and Has Gone on to a Series B Round
  • Greg Raiz’s Big Ideas for Techstars Boston: (1) Save Lives, (2) Save the Planet and (3) Improve How We Work and Live
  • Sal’s Story Illustrating How Our Lives Have Improved Since the 1980s
  • “It's funny we sometimes don't reflect on how fast society and technology can change the day-to-day of interactions.”
  • Techstars Boston Is Leaning into the Coming Decade of Biotech
  • “I think biotech and medical specifically, Boston has one of the hottest markets, if not the hottest markets for many of those technologies.”
  • “...we have an incredible Fintech sector. We have an incredible robotic sector. We have incredible 3D printing sector...”
  • Sal Daher Talks About One of the Big Differences between Biotech Investing and Software Investing
  • Sal Daher Expresses a Need to Train Angels in Biotech Investing
  • “I want to accelerate companies that are really important and meaningful and I expect to get a capital return to allow me to do more of that.”
  • Check Out Greg Raiz’s YouTube Channel – Half Ideas
  • What Are Half Ideas?
  • YouTube Is the Number 2 Search Engine
  • It’s Hard to View or Listen to One’s Early Content
  • How Greg Raiz Discovered Computer Programming
  • The Vast Horizons of Software
  • How Bad User Interfaces Create Inequality
  • PURE GOLD: Greg Raiz’s Parting Advice to Angels & Founders

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