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A terrible error in a lab led Tim Spong to start a company to improve the reliability and efficiency of pathology labs; big industry players are noticing. This interview was part of my due diligence on Tim’s startup, VistaPath Bio. Subsequently, I invested in the company.

Highlights include:

  • Sal Daher Introduces Tim Spong, Co-Founder of VistaPath Bio
  • “Fast forward a hundred years, even if you walked into some of the best labs in the country, it's still a room full of people cutting tissue and staining tissue and sitting over jars.”
  • “…VistaPath is really aiming to do is build the next generation pathology lab using automation, AI, advanced imaging practices, and then put that into every lab in the world…”
  • “The rest of the time and a lot of the costs is spent in these labs, in histology labs, making the slides so that a pathologist can render a diagnosis.”
  • The Horror Story that Motivates Tim Spong to Improve the Lab Sample Workflow
  • How Tim Spong Connected with His Co-founder Ben Burley
  • “When I decided to actually quit my job and do it, it was really with him. We made that leap together. Like I said, he is amazing. I couldn't imagine getting this far without him.”
  • VistaPath Has Had to Overcome Investors’ Lack of Interest in Pathology
  • VistaPath Has a Smart Benchtop for Grossing of Samples that Is Equipped with Cameras to Reduce Error and Automate the Process
  • VistaPath Business Model
  • “What we wanted to do with our business model is make our product something that anybody could have, any lab could afford…”
  • “…our initial evaluations, we're already seeing that we're more accurate than humans, much faster than humans.”
  • “We really strove and worked a long time to make our products something that someone can take out of a box, plug into a lab, it's an easy-to-use interface, and they can use it as part of their workflow immediately.”
  • Sal Daher Is Considering Making an Investment in VistaPath Bio
  • Sal Daher Invites Accredited Investors to Join His Syndicate List
  • Tim’s Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Tim Spong Met His Wife at a Pathology Lab
  • Tim Spong Credits Advisors for Helping Him Decide to Become a Founder
  • “Some people have led us to some of our best advisors and investors were investors that actually turned us down.”
  • Tim Spong Encourages Industry Experts to Start Companies to Solve the Problems they See First-Hand

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