065 Law-st in Space, with Day Hochman-Vigil


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This week’s guest, a NM State Representative, takes a break from her duties serving the people of New Mexico to discuss important issues that matter to the region. Her passion for flying led to a path in aviation law. She is leading the way to establish New Mexico as a premiere place for space and flight. Listen in as Bob nerds out over law and politics in a conversation with Day Hochman-Vigil.

Show Notes

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Day Hochman-Vigil is a native New Mexican, born and raised in Santa Fe, and is the only certified aviation and space attorney in the State of New Mexico. She practices law as a commercial aviation safety and security specialist and has been recognized for her work providing pro bono community legal services. She graduated from the University of New Mexico School of Law and holds a Master of Law degree in Aviation and Space Law from McGill University.

Day comes from hard-working New Mexican roots. Her father was a local doctor, rancher, and small business owner outside of Glorieta, NM, while her mother managed a restaurant on the Santa Fe Plaza. At an early age, Day became interested in language, political science and the arts. After graduating with her Bachelor of Arts, Day witnessed the social and political realities for four countries, learning to speak three languages fluently.


Representative Day Hochman-Vigil - NM Legislature

Day Hochman-Vigil, Democrat for House District 15

New Mexico Legislature

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