073 Sparks Fly with Utility Merger and Zozobra, with Ray Sandoval


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Join Shelly and her guest today, Ray Sandoval, Director of Corporate Communications and brand management at PNM Resources, talk about key issues including sustainability and environmental leadership. Ray also shares his love of Old Man Gloom, Zozobra, and explains the technology involved in lighting a fire to burn away troubles!

Show Notes

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Ray Sandoval is the Director of Corporate Communications and brand management at PNM Resources. In this role, Ray directs the internal and external corporate communications strategy while leading key initiatives to benefit PNM customers and community engagement. Additionally, Ray manages the external awareness on the company’s corporate sustainability and environmental leadership. He earned a law degree from Boston University, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from American University.



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Burning of Zozobra

Burning of Zozobra (footage)

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Raymond Sandoval (505) 241-2782 raymond.sandoval@pnm.com

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