Are right-wing culture warriors shooting blanks? | The Red State murder wave


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This week, Joshua Holland kicks off the show with a look at a new study which found that living in states governed by Republicans can have serious consequences for your health.

Then we're joined by Have You Heard co-host Jennifer Berkshire, who reported for The Nation that the GOP and some deep-pocketed astroturf groups tried out a key midterm strategy in New Hampshire school board races last week--running against "critical race theory" and school mask mandates and other contrived grievances--and their message fell absolutely flat when public education advocates stood up to them.

And then we speak with Jim Kessler, a policy analyst at Third Way, about a new analysis which shows that the much-discussed spike in murders over the past couple of years has been more pronounced in GOP-leaning states than in Blue America--and what might explain the disparity.


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