The scary link between Tucker Carlson's testicle tanning and authoritarianism


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This week, we take another dive into the fever swamps!

First up, Muckrake Podcast co-host Jared Yates Sexton joins us to talk about Tucker Carlson's bizarre new obsession with America's entirely imaginary "masculinity crisis." Sexton warns that while Carlson's new program, The End of Men, is easy to mock--and indeed, was designed to earn liberal derision--it fits into a long historical pattern of right-wing movements capitalizing on male insecurity to recruit new members and prepare them to commit violence against their perceived enemies.

Then Shauna Siggelkow, Define American’s director of digital storytelling, shares a new report she and her colleagues authored that exposes the network of xenophobic Youtube channels that promote dangerous conspiracy theories about immigrants with their wide reach--and tells us how pro-immigrant advocates should learn from and adapt to their strategies.


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