#347: The ONE Thing All Successful Entrepreneurs Do For Time, Location, & Financial Freedom (And Why You Should Too!)


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What you need to know about habits and successful entrepreneurs

I know I speak for many entrepreneurs when I say that committing to a routine in the morning and before closing your eyes at night can play a big role in succeeding as an entrepreneur, as well as personally.

Now, before you think that this is just another habits episode, I want you to hold your horses because this is not just another habits episode.

This episode is a real-life, no fluff, habits-in-a-time-of-a-pandemic podcast episode you need if you’re serious about becoming the very best version of yourself amidst building a six or seven-figure business and finding not just work-life balance but finding consistent and long-term full-life balance.

I’m laying out the 3 P’s of creating habits that stick, which is a step-by-step process for finally creating lifelong habits. Here’s a peek at the 3 P’s:

  • Pitch
  • Practice
  • Perfect
How to create habits for mental, emotional, physical, and entrepreneurial well-being

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