Silly Podcast Episode 54 - Cults, Glory Holes & Hangovers.


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It's episode 54 and Miffy and Anna are prepped and preened to bring you all the lols that they can offer. They still aren't talking about "the virus", so if you've come to escape the real world, then sit back and relax.

Anna and Miffy love binge watching TV. So every week they'll give you the DL on what they are watching. Anna is currently balls deep in the documentry "The Vow" on HBO. It's all about the NVIXM cult & it's giving her life! Miffy's just started "Nurse Ratchet" & reckons it's awesome too (if you don't mind a bit of blood and guts). They also talk about how shit the Bachelor AU was this year, but are excited about the Bachelorette starting this week.

They've again delved deep into weird stories of the week. There's one about a guy who hasnt washed his pillows for 10 bloody years! OMG! And also one about a woman who's been washing & the re-selling used condoms. It's totally foul!

Anna's Quiz this week is based on musical albums. She names the title and Miffy need to guess the artist. Miffy smashed it. Songs from the past is all about the year 2002 (think Eminem, Avril Lavigne & Cold Play) and the song of the year is an absolute gem. The hidden meaning has to be heard!

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