Zhu De and The Army for the Defense of the Republic in Sichuan and Yunnan (1916-1922)


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As the Army for the Defense of the Republic faces defections from the revolutionary nationalist cause as well as powerful warlord enemies, Zhu De rethinks the military vocation.
Further reading:
Agnes Smedley, The Great Road: The Life and Times of Chu Teh [Zhu De]
Some names from this episode:
Cai E, Republican general and governor of Yunnan after the 1911-12 revolution
Yuan Shikai, leader of the Beiyang Army and dictator after the fall of the Qing
Xiong Kewu, Nationalist general turned warlord
Xiao Jufang, Zhu De’s first wife
Zhu Baozhu, Zhu De’s son (later took name Zhu Qi)
Chen Yuzhen, Zhu De’s second wife
Tang Jiyao, Opium growing Yunnan warlord
Lei Yongfei, Social bandit in control of part of Sikang province

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