Humanity Of Cops, Christianity, and The Power Of Media | The Ryan Tillman Interview


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On The Babylon Bee Interview Show, Kyle and Ethan talk to Ryan Tillman of Breaking Barriers United. They talk about misconceptions about being a cop, being an outspoken Christian, and the power of the media on public perception. Ryan Tillman is a working police officer and founder of Breaking Barriers United. Breaking Barriers United is a Christian organization dedicated to bridging the gap between the community and the police force. Ryan does public speaking and breakdowns of police incidents to help inform the community on police work.

Kyle and Ethan find out Ryan Tillman’s origin story into becoming a police officer. Ryan shares how he started off hating cops and how he came around to the idea of being a police officer. Kyle and Ethan find out the misconceptions into being a police officer and how we forget that cops are human too. Ryan shares how his Christianity has played a huge role in his life. We learn the distinction between racial profiling and criminal profiling. Then we find out why we need to start refunding the police instead of defunding them.

In the Subscriber Portion, Ryan tries to top Greg Kading’s cop story with his own crazy story that starts off at a Motel 6 and leads into all different crazy directions. Kyle and Ethan find out how Ryan decompresses after having depressing nights on the job. He talks about being the prayer cop and finding real purpose for his career. Kyle and Ethan end the interview with the 10 questions.

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