Slapfish, Newsom, and Recipes: Chef Andrew Gruel Interview


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On The Babylon Bee Interview Show, Kyle and Ethan talk to Chef Andrew Gruel about running a restaurant, why people won’t let go of tips, and Ethan’s idea for nacho’s. Chef Andrew Gruel has appeared on many shows including as a Judge on Chopped and Food Truck Face Off. He has gained notoriety recently for being outspoken about the struggles restaurants have been facing this past year. He has a number of restaurants including his fish restaurant Slapfish and pizza joint Big Parm.

Kyle and Ethan talk about the most controversial business decision Chef Gruel made: offering no pineapple pizza at Big Parm. After discussing why pineapple pizza is a bad decision, Chef Gruel goes into how difficult it has been running a restaurant during the pandemic. Kyle and Ethan give their ideas on how to improve Chef Gruel’s restaurants.

In the Subscriber Lounge, Kyle and Ethan throw out random ingredients and ask Chef Gruel what dish he would make with them. Ingredients ranging from bat wings to Nashville hot chicken. Chef Gruel shares what food is unappreciated. Ethan finds out tips for finding the best seafood. As always the interview ends with the 10 questions with an added bonus of one of the worst customers Chef’s Gruel had to deal with.

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