THE BEE WEEKLY: Most Hated Bee Headlines, Christian Lyrics, and Lies From Subway


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In this episode of The Bee Weekly, Kyle and Ethan are joined by voice over actress, Wendy Shapero to talk about lies from Subway, Babylon Bee headlines people absolutely hated, and some of the greatest Christian lyrics of the 1990's.

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Kyle, Ethan, and Wendy share in our celebration for getting the silver plaque from YouTube for getting 100,000 subscribers, even though we are much higher than that now. They go on to talk about the weirdest of news like the South African woman who had 10 babies was actually lying and a new weight loss technique that locks your jaw to keep you from eating. We find several new world records that bring joy to Kyle like never before.

Kyle and Ethan go back into the archive to find the Babylon Bee Headlines that brought the most hate. Afterwards, Kyle and Ethan share with Wendy lyrics from some of the big Christian artists of the 1990s like Carmen, Newsboys, and T-Bone. We end the main portion with a hate tweet toward anyone who enjoys The Babylon Bee.

In the Subscriber Portion, Kyle, Ethan find out more about Wendy’s career. They read subscriber headlines of the week. Then they end the show with Wendy answering the 10 questions.

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