Special guest: Kristina Arriaga explains her resignation from USCIRF


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Matt and John welcome Kristina Arriaga, a former USCIRF Commissioner. Arriaga recently resigned from the Commission in protest over an attempt by the U.S. Senate Foreign Affairs Committee to dramatically alter the structure and work of the Commission.

  • Who is Kristina Arriaga?
  • What is USCIRF? (pro. "you-surf")
  • What’s been Kristina's overall experience as a commissioner?
  • What are the problems with legislation recently proposed by the Senate Foreign Affairs Commission?
  • Why did this drama compel you to resign?
  • What should IRF advocates/USA citizens know about USCIRF’s precarious position now?
  • How bad is religious illiteracy at the State Department and why does it matter?
  • Intersection of religious freedom and woman’s issues.

Special Guest: Kristina Arriaga.

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