Evocative Poetry Part 1: The Nurse Poet


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"Can you see this patient today? His appointment is tomorrow, he came all the way from Nebraska. Can you work extra tomorrow,?" Those are the first few lines of the poem "I Should Have Said No," published in the literary journal 'Pulse,' written by our guest Lynn Kincanon. Lynn will share her passion for writing poetry and nursing and she'll talk about her experience going through a 'death coach' program.

Lynn Kincananon is a recently retired Nurse Practitioner who has practiced for 36 years in the nursing world. Her specialties include ICU, ER, Cardiology, and CV Surgery. Lynn has been writing poetry for as long as she can remember It wasn't until she moved to Colorado 21 years ago that she began writing it in earnest. Lynn has collaborated with many artists performing live poetry in various locations. For the last four years, Lynn has written a poem a day that she posts on Facebook. She is involved in an endeavor to write a book whose theme is “This Vulnerable World”. It is a collection of both her work poetry and her love for and immersion in the natural world.

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