Cars in film part II


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Following our conversation and excitement surrounding the remake of the cult classic film C’etait Un Rendezvous, the WhichCar Weekly team assembles to review the Grand Rendezvous homage now that it’s out in the open. Did director Claude Lelouche expertly recreate the magic of the original? Was the use of an actual Ferrari this time round adding to the intensity? Was Monaco an even more stunning backdrop to this feat of world class driving than Paris? You’ll have click play and listen in to find out. Next up we turn the chat to another brand-funded car story and Aston Martin’s three part promo to welcome its four-door Rapide. If you wanted an example of one of the worst and cripplingly unwatchable car flicks to ever muddy your screens, look no further. Andy, Dan and returning WhichCar editor Tim pick apart this automotive abomination with all the mercy of a pride of hungry lions. Frankly it deserved nothing less. But from just about the most shockingly bad car films, Tim introduces one of the very best car docos to have dropped in decades - and it’s about an Australian icon. Brock - Over the Top looks at the life of one of Australia’s most loved but controversial motorsport figures, and the boys are suitably impressed. Out next month, the WCW team highlight what makes this story brilliant - no spoiler alert necessary.

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