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With many Australians spending more time at home lately, the TV might have spent a bit more time switched on, so the WhichCar weekly team thought it was a great time revisit the topic of the best moving images of cars. Not just the best films, the greatest stories, or most memorable performances, but all the best vehicles captured in film moments from a simple Youtube clip to Oscar-worthy cinema. Joining the chat this week, staff videographer (and petrol head) Sean makes his WCW debut, offering an expert’s insight into the process of conceiving, planning and executing great car films. From the creative process, through the technicalities, we look at all the challenges and tricks to get a car feature from inside your head onto the screen. Later, the talk turns to other great car films, not just those produced by the WhichCar team, possibly including the imminent Le Grand Rendez-vous - an homage to the 1976 cult short film C’etait un Rendez-vous. Due for release on June 13, will this ‘remake’, complete with race ace Charles Leclerc and a Ferrari SF90 Stradale successfully create the same raw magic that original conjured some 40 years later? Somewhat inevitably, the conversation evolves into our favourite car clips and cinema through the ages. Sean reveals one of his main film inspirations, Andy makes a nostalgic nod to one of his most familiar race tracks and Dan, unsurprisingly, offers up another contentious series of films.

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