F1 fallout, road cars revisited and a torturous labour of love


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Sorry to mention it if you were trying to forget the entire planet is in the clutches of a viral pandemic, but the crisis is continuing to impact automotive events all over the world, including the latest twist of the knife and another disruption to the Formula 1 championship.

Opening the chat for another WhichCar Weekly installment, Chris, Dan and Tim discuss the bombshell that could scupper not just Silverstone, but the entire championship.

Later, Chris explains how car design legend Ian Callum is filling his semi-retirement and the revisiting of one of his previous designs. Which begs the question, which other cars could benefit from a redo years after they were finished the first time around?

The WCW team throw their own ideas out there of vehicles that might not have been perfectly executed and a few ambitious suggestions of how to get there. Oh and Dan admits the time he offended Ian.

Rounding out the chat, Chris explains why he has been spending too long in his bedroom and night after night with a playlist on repeat - and it’s not for the reasons a good looking young man should be.

Motor’s digital journalist (or editor, as Dan likes to call him), has been going above and beyond the call of duty to complete a car project in isolation. Listen in to see if this nostalgic nod is heaven or hell.

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