Dr Jenny Brockis on why a thriving mind is a key to a satisfying life.


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FLG_008_Bonus Dr Jenny Brockis on why a thriving mind is a key to a satisfying life.

Have you heard the phrase “live your best life” So have we. Most people I know want to live their best life, the real question is HOW? What do we need to start, stop or continue doing that will, over time, help you create the kind of life you most want to enjoy and experience? Dr Jenny Brockis answers that question with brain based research in her book Thriving Minds (Wiley 2020) Jenny takes you on a journey through life’s everyday ups and downs, things we all have to navigate and some of the more challenging aspects of mental health and relationship breakdowns. Using a practical, research base Jenny guides you through understanding how to fully engage your emotions. Learn how to be more resilient and have more energy, and take full control of your life so it really can become the best life you’ve always wanted, with this handbook to get you there.

About Dr Jenny Brockis: https://www.drjennybrockis.com/

Dr. Jenny Brockis is a medical practitioner and board-certified lifestyle medicine physician, specialising in brain health and mental performance. She works to inspire others to become the best versions of themselves by translating the findings of neuroscience and positive psychology into simple practical tools that enable people to work smarter not harder. With three decades experience of working with people, she understands that while intentions may be good, changing behaviours is not always easy! An international speaker, trainer and author of three books including the best-selling “Future Brain” (Wiley), Jenny is frequently sought after as a media commentator. When not speaking, researching or writing, Dr. Jenny loves to spend time with her family, travel to new destinations and continues to challenge her long-standing fear of heights.

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