Joel Cave on starting from scratch and why growth and innovation are core drivers for leadership


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Joel Cave on starting from scratch and why growth and innovation are core drivers for leadership.

If we told you that Joel and Ellen Cave launched a startup in 2013 that now has several thousand adherents in 2 major capital cities and the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, 3 bases in the UK and a 5-year vision to be in Asia and North America would you want to know what drives him? We would, Joel’s inspiring perspective on what it has been like to plant and grow a thriving local church is an inspirational model of personal and organisational leadership - all the while maintaining a balance with family and other core life disciplines. You get a front-row seat into his mindset and beliefs that have shaped this unique community and organisation. In this show, you will be both inspired to dream bigger and also challenged to plan with great detail and commitment to ensure the success of the plan and for the benefit of others.

Who is Joel Cave?

Joel Cave is the Senior Pastor and founder of Glow Church. He has been married to Ellen for 19 years and has three incredible kids. They pioneered Glow Church on the Gold Coast in 2013 and in seven years the church has grown to over 4000 people, across three major cities in Australia. Joel is a visionary leader, who is radically changing the way people engage with church culture and growth strategies. A hallmark of his leadership is his intentionality in raising up leaders through authentic discipleship and risk-taking. He will inspire you through his relational and challenging communication style, to think differently and approach church leadership in a new way.



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