Wendy Born on the surprising connection between raising kids and raising leaders.


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FLG_009 Wendy Born on the surprising connection between raising kids and raising leaders.

People challenges never really seem to go away do they? Sometimes your best and worst moments are with the SAME people. The key is realising you’ll have those challenges consistently and having a game plan to not just work through it but also thrive as a leader IN it. Wendy Born takes a refreshingly honest approach to what it takes to raise leaders at work by understanding what it takes to raise kids at home. The problems, disagreements and disconnections seem to be the same. What’s even more interesting is the answers seem to be the same, just applied differently in your workplace. With an elegant model and practical application in her new book ‘Raising Leaders’ Wendy will help you solve real leadership issues in an empowering way.


Wendy Born is an engaging facilitator, coach, speaker and author. She works with executives, senior leaders and leadership teams to create high-performance organisations that deliver that WOW-factor. Wendy has more than 25 years of experience in corporate and management roles. She holds qualifications in human resources, finance and operations management and is a certified personal and professional coach. Wendy is also a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School, Executive Education in 21st Century Leadership. This is her second book; The Languages of Leadership was published in 2019.

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