054: How to Manage Your Tech Career With Kids


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Episode 054: How to Manage Your Tech Career With Kids

01:17 How do personal priorities and desired job circumstances change?

  • Flexibility + time off
  • Managing parents during emergencies
  • Building resilience within a company

08:18 Chaos monkey

  • Applying the method to people
  • Setting quality expectations that everyone agrees on

10:45 Benefits are important

  • Healthcare, dental care, infertility, adoption, etc…

12:46 Perceiving direct reports from a manager perspective about what parents really care about

  • Salary should fit one's needs, they aren’t worried if their kids need braces
  • What employees care about matters!
  • Managers syncing up for 1:1 calls is essential
  • Standing meetings

17:30 Time management

  • Planning interruptions as a parent
  • Coding flow
  • Essential reminders
  • Working nights and weekends by choice

27:57 Genius / fail moments

  • Chris Arcand hacked his three-year-old sleep with a soothing sound bath #genius
  • Chris Sexton’s son is a Scout and had to tackle the virtual retreat by sleeping in the yard for one week to mimic the real thing. Quarantine win #genius

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