057: Virtual School


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Parent Driven Development

Episode 057: Virtual School

03:04 Welcome to Parent Driven Development

03:30 Virtual school with school age children

  • Kindergarten, middle school, high school
  • Missing out on the life experiences
  • Pros and cons

05:25 Exposure to other students

  • Not enough time to build up relationships within the zoom chats
  • Teachers stepping up to engage the kids with each other and in class
  • Tough in kindergarten because the kids can’t break off without a teacher

11:29 Less the supervising time on virtual school

  • First week, very hands on, but less and less over time
  • Kids have learned to adapt quite quickly

14:00 Extra hands to help

  • Parents can do work, but not focused work while supervising zoom school
  • Extra help definitely makes a difference

15:45 Homework

  • Losing track of how to turn in assignments for middle/highschoolers
  • No take home HW for kindergarten
  • State assessments
  • Perk - you can rewatch the class video if you have questions

21:45 Teacher Props!

  • Powerpoints
  • Yoga and stretch breaks
  • Partner reads
  • Side chats
  • Parent updates

25:00 Is life better with zoom school?

  • Allison is satisfied with the cards dealt, but mourns the first day of school memories
  • Chris thinks in some ways, it’s better

30:15 Genius / fail moments

  • Chris figures out how to turn facetime back on his son’s devices, but has to keep track of his use.. #genius/fail
  • Allison plans her move around the time of year her kids would need to change seasonal clothes. Less work, more organized #genius

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